Meet Kay Lynn

First kid on the block with a Polaroid Swinger, I thought I was cool, and that was the origin of this lifelong journey of connecting with people and places in my never-ending pursuit of the photograph. The camera was my friend, my tool, my shield, and my purpose.   

With my Associate degree in Professional Photography, and an insatiable desire to create, I landed a wedding photographer position at the finest studio in Seattle. It was an opportunity and education I could never have imagined. By 1988, I launched my own Wedding and Portrait Photography business in the Northwest. With that success came the freedom to explore other photographic interests. (Anasazi trail, Southwest landscape, rodeo, horses, cowgirls, Americana.)

I became infatuated with the western lifestyle, and rodeo in particular.  I craved a richer experience of this way of life, and an alternative to raising my son in the big city. We relocated first to Wyoming, and eventually to Southern Utah. I have come full circle, back to my roots, where my family began. I got to raise my son where my parents were raised.  

As I established my business in St. George, I continued to market weddings in Seattle, and flew back and forth a little, until the economy softened. I took that opportunity to continue my education, and pursued my lifelong dream of studying Art.

Back in the day, shooting film, I was all about black and white, (and a little hand tinting.) While studying Art, and transitioning to digital, I began to experiment with exaggerated color, and fully experienced its therapeutic effects. Working with bright colors during my own mental and physical health issues, inspired my healing as well as my passion to create.  

My greatest joy will always be in connecting with people, and through my art, I can share that joy in the moment, or maybe many moments. May our paths cross at just the right time!